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The Warehouse Overview

Warehouse Terms & Definitions

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Receiving fee per bulk order

- Cost for the warehouse to receive an order, log the goods into WMS, QC all goods and rack the product.


Inbound case handling

- Per box fee for inspecting and tagging all incoming shipments. In addition to flat receiving fee.


Pallet storage per month

- Charge per month for bulk storage. 1 pallet is measured at 4'x4'x4' unless otherwise stated.


Non- pallet storage per month

- Charge for items in the picking area. Generally, one box of each sku for easy pick and pack.


Pick rate per box

- Handling charge for each shipment. Includes: box, packaging materials, labor to assemble the box, prepare and label the shipment as well as the picking of the first sku.


Pick rate per each additional sku

- The additional handling cost of each individual sku added to the shipment.


Manual orders

- Warehouse orders requested outside the store platform.


Pick rate per each additional item

- The additional picking cost of multiple items of the same sku.


Third party shipping if customer account is used

- Fee for processing of shipments using the client's shipper number.


Order adjustments

- Fee for manual changes to existing web orders.


Warehouse labor standard

- This is for custom projects. Special packaging, kitting or finishing such as hangtags, private label, etc.



- Per hour fee for integrating with existing platform.


Standard pricing based on 5,000 square feet

- Bulk pricing available upon request for larger program needs. Company store required.

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